Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

6 people in space right now:

3 on the just-launched Soyuz TMA-02M: Sergeyb Volkov, Michael E. Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa (space.com). Planned landing November.

3 already on the ISS:
Soyuz-TMA21: Aleksandr Samokutyayev, Andrei Borisenko, Ronald J. Garan, Jr. (Launched April, landing September).

Next up:

STS-135 Atlantis July 8th.

NASA's ISS page.


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WhoIsInSpaceRightNow said...

Soyuz TMA-02M has docked with the space station (Sergeyb Volkov, Michael E. Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa). space.com.